Outcomes December 2017 Newsletter

Thank you Barlow! Barlow Respiratory Hospital is known for a culture of caring and kindness. We are an accredited, award winning hospital. Barlow Respiratory Hospital has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval ® for Disease-Specific Care Certification for Respiratory Failure by the Joint Commission for providing safe and effective patient care. We are the FIRST healthcare organization in California to achieve this certification, awarded after a rigorous on-site review and compliance evaluation of care standards and clinical practice and performance measures. Barlow has also been selected as the ONLY Center of Excellence in the Western United States for the Passy Muir speaking valve, recognized for treating patients with tracheostomies, on and off the ventilator. It is our exceptional team that make these achievements possible. Our patients continue to tell us about their experience at Barlow and have been generous in their praise. The staff here has been wonderful, everyone is caring and knows what they need to do. There is not a bad apple among them. It is amazing to me that a staff that is so culturally diverse can come together and work together so well. I have been in six different facilities, and this is by far the best. Special credit should be given to Dr. Nelson for the care and attention he has given to my case. – WW Coming here to Barlow, we knew they would take good care of my father. The doctors, the nurses, the Respiratory Therapists, everyone was comforting. There were so many people caring for him, and for us as a family. It was a really good experience. – AK family I was moved by the empathy with which we were treated. My husband had a team of people caring for him who believed he would get better. At Barlow, the nursing and support staff (office, therapists, consultants) were top notch. – JS family A tribute in honor of the dedicated staff at Barlow Respiratory Hospital Whittier. Their hard work, care and compassion given to both patients and their families are top level. We truly appreciate all that they were able to do for our mother. Enclosed is a check in the amount of $10,000.00 as a donation to assist Barlow Respiratory Hospital in continuing and advancing the work in respiratory care. Our deepest and heartfelt thank you to the staff at Barlow Whittier. The work they do benefits many lives. – Sincerely, CG 2 When Mary Jarrin, who has lived just blocks from our Barlow Main campus for nearly sixty years, became ill, her family learned how important Barlow could be. “We are from the community. We knew this hospital since it was for TB patients.” What they didn’t know was that Barlow would save their mother’s life. The family thanked us for the kindness and care our Barlow team provided for their mother. “It was a miracle to have mom here. You only have one mother. We are so grateful to have her back.” 3 We are a small hospital, our services are unique and the patients we serve are very, very sick. Despite daunting medical complexities, our long term survival rate is the highest amongst hospitals of our kind. The legacy of specialized respiratory care, the history of service as a charity hospital, the pure and simple need for the services we provide are all things that set Barlow apart. Barlow has survived these many years for one very simple reason. We provide a specialized service offered nowhere else. Physicians at the finest hospitals in Los Angeles refer their patients to Barlow Respiratory Hospital for our expertise. We can look almost anywhere in the region and see larger hospitals, with a much wider array of medical services that recognize the need for Barlow. We have survived seismic shifts in the landscape of healthcare delivery and despite a prevailing culture of “bigger is better,” Barlow serves as a reminder that small can be mighty. We remain a national leader in weaning patients from mechanical ventilation. We are known for a unique sense of family, a culture of teamwork, kindness and caring. Like patients who survive to return to the homes and the families they love, Barlow survives to serve our community, year after year, and against all odds. As you know, we were founded in 1902. What you might not know is that we were the first in Southern California and are the longest continuously operating respiratory hospital in the United States. We are proud of our Barlow legacy. We welcome you to support our relentless efforts to provide the best possible care to our patients and invite you to share our goal of becoming the best Long Term Acute Care respiratory hospital in the nation. With Sincere Thanks, Amit By Amit Mohan, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE, President & Chief Executive Officer, Barlow Respiratory Hospital At Barlow Respiratory Hospital, we live and breathe our mission to make a positive difference. To me, that means providing our patients with the precious gift of time and healing. When we give a patient another day, another week, another chance at more time together with loved ones, we have achieved the most noble of our goals. Barlow serves as a reminder that small can be mighty. We give patients more time with loved ones Looking Forward with Our Legacy of Specialized Respiratory Care